• Deborah Jackson, NewLIfeProfSvcs

About "Have the Talk before You Take The Walk"

Updated: Jan 15

Since I have been officiating weddings, during the couples consultations, there are times when it is evident that the "Happy Couple" may not be on the same page when it comes to some issues that could cause a shipwreck early on in the marriage. It is apparent in some cases there has been no discussion of some important foundational issues that could make or break the "marital bliss" early in the game.

What are some of the very pertinent issues that I think should be discussed as part of the Talk? Well to name a few that should be on the top of the list in my opinion, and my list is not all encompassing and will probably grow as this blog goes along, Money, Children, Church, Family matters, Sex, Work.

I will discuss each of these based on what I have learned over the years. 1st disclaimer, I am not a licensed counselor. However, I have the benefit of 40 years of marriage and of a lifetime of watching how others have maneuvered this lifetime commitment all around me. I will use these experiences and observations to frame my discussion on the topics that are addressed in each blog.

So, Let's get to it......

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