• Deborah Jackson, NewLIfeProfSvcs

Let's Talk About - Ain't Nobody's Business If We Do!!

April 2021

One of the things that can really send the marriage into a downward spiral is when conversations that should be private between the spouses are shared with a friend, family member, coworker etc. and the private matter is now public knowledge.

First, both the husband and wife have family and friends. Since we talked about the friends dynamic in the prior blog (see March 2021) this discussion will be about what happens with the families of the bride and groom.

Marriage is the union between the two but now the families of the two are also brought together. This reality can bring lots of joy but also bring lots of challenges. Now it is not just the couple but outside perspectives being considered in the natural conversations and decision making that will happen as part of their new life together as One.

What discussion(s) might the couple want to have about this issue of privacy?

· How they will construct the communications to the outside world including in laws to keep anyone from interfering in their privacy as a couple.

· How can they successfully establish boundaries in their relationships with each of their families as they merge their lives together as a couple?


· What discussion are off limits to anyone outside the marriage so as not to jeopardize their new marriage?

All I'm saying is this is a crucial conversation.

Have This talk, before you take the walk.

Until the next time.....

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