• Deborah Jackson, NewLIfeProfSvcs

Lets Talk About "Your Friends, My Friends, Our Friends"

March 2021

Oh, now, this can get tricky! When the two who have heretofore (I just like this word - LOL!) been two, begin to talk about taking the walk, one of the big discussions is the team merge of their friends from 2 to 1 team.

Is this even possible? Do you like my friends? Do I like your friends? If each of us have friends of the opposite gender is this a cause for pause?

Some of the individual team members may have to be voted off the island before the merge and others will make the initial cut to the unified team because they are able to continue to contribute to the well being of the individuals even after they have married.

So what should the couple discuss?

· Do you have any friends of the opposite gender?

· Were any of the opposite gender friends ever thought of as being more than just a friend?

· Do you think this could cause an issue with your boo?

· Do any of your friends seem to be acting differently because you are now booed up!!

· What are some off limit topics of discussion now that you are in a relationship?

· Will you need to create new boundaries surrounding the discussions?

· Are you willing, if need be, to say goodbye to anyone that you need to if it can't work with your new boo?

·Can we only hang out with married people now that we are married?

All I'm saying is this is a crucial conversation.

Have This talk, before you take the walk.

Until the next time.....

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