• Deborah Jackson, NewLIfeProfSvcs

Your Kids, My Kids, Our Kids and The Pets

May 2021

Are You trying to blend your families under one roof? Are you starting out with an empty nest with no children or pets? The discussion of how to blend, or if you want to grow your family circle to more than just the two of you in the case of a new couple or how the blending will work in the case of children and pets already in the mix. This is a conversation that needs to be had before the walk.

Although it seems a bit strange to be talking about children and pets in the same conversation, the common denominators here are:

1 All are additional MOUTHS to feed

2. All require dedicated and uninterrupted TIME.

3. All require Self discipline, Self Sacrifice and Structure.

What discussion(s) might the couple want to have about blending and/or enlarging the family?

  • Are you both on the same page about how many children you want to have and the space between the children?

  • Will one of you pause your career to be a stay at home parent? If so, who?

  • If neither is going to pause career, how will you navigate the child care arrangements (taking to facility, picking up from facility?

  • How much can you afford to pay per child, per week/month/year, What happens if the child is sick?)

  • Are you both on the same page about how many Pets you want to have and what type?

  • What if there is an emergency with the pet, who will be the one to handle these times?

  • How will you navigate pet care arrangements for vacation or out of town times?

All I'm saying is this is another important conversation

Have This talk, before you take the walk.

Until the next time.....

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