Notary FAQ

Q1.   Does a Will need to be notarized? 

Answer:  A Will needs at least 2 witnesses, Notarization is optional. The document will determine whose signature if any needs to be                                notarized.  The Notary will need to see the document  to verify what if anything on the Will requires notarization.

Q2.  What is the required acceptable identification required by the State of GA to have a document notarized?   


Answer:  There are 2 accepted ways to identify someone requesting a notarial act. 

1.  The notary personally knows the signer and has interacted with that person over a substantial period of time, long enough for the Notary       to be confident in the person's identity , they are who they say they are.

2.  The Signer presents proper identification which is an official document that states the identity of the person holding the identification.              Examples include: 

  •   GA Driver's license or GA ID Card.

  •   A U.S. Passport.

  •   A foreign passport stamped by the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services.

  •   GA Driver's license or GA ID Card.

  •   A Drivers License or non-drivers ID card issued by a territory of the United States, another state, Canada or Mexico.

  •   An ID card issued by a branch of the military for active duty personnel, retirees or dependents.

  •   An ID card issued by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services called a Permanent Resident or "green card."

Q3. What is The Certificate form?

Answer:  It is a form used by Notaries if Certificate Wording is not preprinted on the document being notarized or if the preprinted wording                    doesn't comply wit the requirements of the Notary's state or when there is no room for the seal on the document being notarized                    or when a preprinted certificate has already been used by another notary.